Back to Blondie – Baraka, Kutina, Croatia

Baraka Kutina

26 april 2024, 21:30

Back to Blondie, the dutch Blondie tribute is coming to Kutina! On the 26th of april we play in Baraka, the famous Croatian alternative underground club!
This show is a feast of recognition with all the hits and many links to other greats from the 70s, early 80s and even the 90s.
Not only do they look like Blondie, but they also sound like this legendary band from New York.
In their energetic show, Back to Blondie plays hits such as Denis, Hanging on the telephone, Heart of glass, Rapture and The tide is high. But also songs from the second period (including the world hit Maria) are coming your way.
Back to Blondie is the must see of 2024! Be there…
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