Bands, acts & DJ’s


52! Factorial (rock/metal coverband)
BLONDIE – Back to Blondie (tribute)
DEEP PURPLE by DeepWhite (tribute)
Ed Kowalczyk’s LIVE by Simple Creed (tribute)
KINGS OF LEON – WOT (tribute)
KOYLE – a Tribute to Rock coverband
LOCO DRIVE-IN (Allround Drive-DJ)
LOS BARSTARDOS (feest coverband)
LUKAZZ (hard rocking coverband)
Novaddiction (rock coverband)
RECTIFIRE (classic rock cover-band)
STATUS QUO – Back to Back (tribute)
STRAY CATS by Blast Off (tribute)
The Dutch Horsemen – Metallica tribute
The Side Chicks
TITO TEQUILA SOLO (pop, rock, rock n roll en more)
Tune Out (Classic rock coverband)
WAIST OF TIME (rock coverband)
WEZIENWEL (allround poprock covers)
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