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52! Factorial (rock/metal coverband)
Anouk Tribute Band by NINA
AUTUMN LEAVES (unplugged duo)
Awesome Blue
BEN LITTLEWOOD (duo of trio)
BIG 4 TRIBUTE – Thrash Metal Package Deal
BLONDIE – Back to Blondie (tribute)
BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN – The Boss Brothers (tribute)
Buurman & Buurman
DEEP PURPLE by DeepWhite (tribute)
DR. FUNK & MR. SOUL (groovy duo)
Ed Kowalczyk’s LIVE by Simple Creed (tribute)
Exile – Rolling Stones Tribute
EXPERIENCED?!? (original dangerous rock ’n roll)
GarageInc Metallica tribute
GILLES PROUST – Ludieke Sjansonnier
HOT ROD RIOT (Rockabilly & Rock ’n Roll)
Ignition Rockabilly
KINGS OF LEON – WOT (tribute)
KOYLE – a Tribute to Rock coverband
LOCO DRIVE-IN (Allround Drive-DJ)
LOS BARSTARDOS (feest coverband)
LUKAZZ (hard rocking coverband)
Marketsquare Mike
NEDERPOP by The Reverend goes Dutch
Novaddiction (rock coverband)
PUUR (unplugged allround duo)
RAMMSTEIN by Mein Herz Band
RECTIFIRE (classic rock cover-band)
SANTANA by Fuente del Ritmo (tribute)
STATUS QUO – Back to Back (tribute)
Stone Free
STRAY CATS by Blast Off (tribute)
Tennessee Drifters
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